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»» Programme Analysis and Development Department
Director, Programme Analysis and Development Department.

Programme Analysis and Development Department is currently made up of two Divisions namely Software Development Division and Hardware Division.


  • Writing Programs for systems and testing simple programs
  • Planning, organizing and arranging for the running of programs on the system
  • Studying and analyzing problems/faults in systems and carrying out necessary repairs.
  • Regular system maintenance (installation and re-installation of hardware and software components).
  • Evaluating new systems design and integrating them into existing systems.
  • ICT capacity building. (Training and re-training of staff of the Ministry on newly developed application software and packages).
  • Advising the management on the feasibility and durability of computer systems accessories and equipment that need to be procured.
  • Creating and managing of database.
  • Ascertain viable ICT equipment installed.
  • Ensuring effective and efficient service delivery through ICT programme modules
  • Helping the Ministry in the procurement/purchase of necessary software and hardware requirement e.g. computer system and accessories, APC power surge etc.
  • Creating and managing the Ministry Websites and e-mail.
  • Computerization of all the Ministry activities.
  • Other assignment as may be directed by the Ministry through the Department.


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