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»» About the Ministry
The Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget was first created during the first Civilian Administration of Late Chief Adekunle Ajasin. It was then called Ministry of Economic Planning and Statistics with three Departments and six Divisions. When the Military took over the administration of the state in 1983, the Ministry was merged with Ministry of Finance. During the regime of Late Chief Adebayo Adefarati, the Ministry was resuscitated, it was however merged again with the Ministry of Finance when a new administration took over in 2003.
As a result of its firm belief in the importance of planning to the socio-economic development of the state, the present administration decided again to resuscitate the Ministry.
Reforms by Current Adminisration (Initiatives since February, 2009)
  • Inauguration of Stakeholder Development Committee on NV20:2020.
  • Approval of development of State Statistical Master Plan.
  • Approval of State Consultative Committee on Statistics for co-ordination and collaboration on statistical production.
  • Approval for the creation of Department of Planning, Research and Statistics at the Local Government Areas.
  • Establishment of Department of Plans, Budget Performance,Monitoring and Evaluation.
Organizational Structure
The Ministry is headed by the Honourable Commissioner while the Permanent Secretary is the administrative and operational Head of the Ministry and the Accounting Officer that oversees all its programmes. He is directly responsible to the Honourable Commissioner. The various Departments are headed by Directors:
  • Director of Finance and Administration.
  • Director of Planning.
  • Director of Budget.
  • Director of Research and Statistics.
  • Director of Plans, Budget Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Recognition Recorded

The Ministry has recorded a lot of success stories, accolades, commendations and recognition within and outside the state since the present Administration resuscitated the Ministry under the leadership of the present Honourable Commissioner. Some of the recognition and commendations include the following, among others:

  • Successfully qualified the State as one of the six states that is benefiting from the World Bank Governance and Capacity Building Programme that was competed for by almost all the states in the federation.
  • The State component  of NV 20:2020 was adjudged to be the best in the South-West hence, the State was selected to represent the South-West in the central working group of the NV 20:2020
  • The State was the first in the Federation to publicly present its vision 2020 to all stakeholders.
  • During the South-West forum on NV 20:2020 first implementation plan, the State’s presentation was adjudged the best by National Planning Commission
  • The year 2010 Governor’s budget speech prepared by the Ministry was commended both by the State Executive Council and the State House Assembly.
  • All memoranda sponsored by the Ministry to the State Executive Council received favourable consideration.

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