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Mr. B.J Daisi (Bsc,) Director, Plannining Department.
The Planning Department is currently made up of two Divisions namely Development Planning Division and Manpower and Technical Assistance Division.



  • Initiates and coordinates the State development plans in line with the policy orientation of the State Government for growth and development.
  • Coordinates the preparation of the State Medium Term Plan i.e Ondo State Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (ODSEEDS).
  • Coordinates the preparation of the State long term/perspective plan i.e Vision 20: 2020.
  • Liaising with the National Planning Commission (NPC) and Federal Ministries/ Departments/Agencies on development planning matters;
  • Advising Local Governments on the preparation of local Government plans and budgets;
  • Serve as the Secretariat of the State Joint Plan Board.
  • Sensitization and technical assistance to the Local Governments on the preparation of Local Government Medium-term plan i.e Local Government Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (LEED).
  • Sensitization and technical assistance to various communities on the preparation of Community Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (CEEDS).
  • Any other function as may be directed.


  • Collection, collation, analyzing and publishing manpower information obtained from the field survey and administrative sources.

  • Serves as the secretariat of the State Manpower Committee and assist in formulating manpower planning policies for the state.
  • Liaising with the National Manpower Board on issues relating to the State Manpower needs and interests.
  • Assisting the Local Governments to determine and evaluate their manpower needs.
  • Formulating appropriate manpower policy measures for the mobilization of both Internal and External resources and assistance.
  • Liaising with the International Cooperation and Fellowship Department of the NPC, Federal Ministries, Non-Governmental Organization (NGOS) and various Donor Agencies including UNDP, ICEF, UNO, EEC, ILO etc for the funding of projects and programmes as well as manpower training for the state.
  • Coordination of the activities of UNICEF assisted programmes in the state.
  • UNICEF assisted programmes; and Bulletin on Manpower needs in the Civil Service of Ondo State.
  • Any other function as may be directed.


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